Sunday, September 28, 2008

SVG SLices to avoid STL

An initial ( and promising ) version of my SolidWorks slicing macro is complete--
the macro slices the part and creates loops ( hopefully that coudld be imported into skeinforge directly), avoiding STL-hole hell.

Here was the test part:

The SVG that was created is machine-friendly, and is here:


(You will need Firefox, Opera, or an SVG viewer to view the file )

The SVG links in a sytlesheet and some javascript to render a layer paging control.

SVG is smart enough to understand how to fill loops, so it works quite nicely as a display format as well as a way to communicate path information.

Unfortunately after trying my scripts out on a couple of other parts, I found that there is a bug in Solidworks that has problems cutting solids through circular faces, which is very disappointing. I am working through that now.

In the meantime, perhaps this is a good start for folks interested to use for their efforts...

My code is released under a "do whatever you want with it" license-- enjoy!